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Why Vita-C

Whether you’re taking Liposomal Vitamin C for immune system support,
to fight-off tiredness and fatigue, or as part of your skin routine,
here’s reasons why you should choose Vita-C.

1000mg of potent Vitamin C
boost in every serving

With Vita-C you get 1000mg of Vitamin C in every serving, the highest dose you need to feel the full effects of Vitamin C and perfect for boosting your immune system.

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Vita-C gives you ultimate Vitamin C

Whether you’re taking Vita-C for immune system support, to fight off tiredness and fatigue, or for collagen production – compared to tablets or pills, Vita-C gives you 90%+ absorption.

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We’re made in the UK to high pharmaceutical standards.

Made in the UK by seasoned experts, our product is regulated by the strictest of pharmaceutical standards, giving you peace of mind that you are buying the best Liposomal Vitamin C product in the market.

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Better ingredients and better taste

Compared to other Liposomal brands, customers choose Vita-C because it tastes great. Rather than cut corners to enhance our profits, we decided to make the best possible product, with the highest quality ingredients.

+ No alcohol
+ Sunflower lecithin rather than soy
+ Natural orange flavour

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We give you more for your money

Our 250ml bottles give you 50 servings. If you choose a brand
that offers Liposomal Vitamin C in sachets, you get 66% less.
At Vita-C we’re proud to say you get more for your money.

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Great tasting Liposomal Vitamin C for everyone

We designed Vita-C so that it’s available too as many
customers as possible. We believe everyone should have the
chance to take great tasting Liposomal Vitamin C.

+ Vegan friendly
+ Keto friendly
+ Sugar free
+ Gluten Free
+ Dairy Free

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